Internet Censorship

Turkey is in news again for continuing with the website censorship, as there seems to be no limit to the censorship. Any complaint to a lower court can get the website blocked in the country, websites including YouTube, DailyMotion, Alibaba,, and some WordPress blogs have already been banned.  All started with ban on YouTube in March 2007 due to a particular video that insulted founder of the Turkish republic. The number has grown to nearly 6,000 websites as estimated in September 2009. 
Asian countries facing such censorship includes Singapore, Thailand, China and few others. China has been the most affected by net censorship starting with legislation (State Council Order No. 292) in September 2000, which created the first content restrictions for Internet content providers. It said that China-based Web sites cannot link to overseas news Web sites or carry news from overseas media without separate approval. Since then, many of the famous websites like Wikipedia, BBC, Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, Blogspot, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, webshots, imageshack, Technorati, Flickr, Tripod, etc have been blocked on various grounds (though only 3-4 of these sites have now been unblocked)… total of 18,000 sites are inaccessible/blocked from within the China. Online censorship has taken new means with the time.
And now it’s India’s turn…

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