CBI arrests software company owner for piracy of Microsoft Products

The Managing Director of K.K.Solutions, Kamlesh Jha, has been arrested by CBI on a complaint by Microsoft on the grounds of piracy and manipulation of genuine Microsoft Products.

The accused was a gold certified partner of Microsft. He was obtaining Pirated software CDs, packaging material and fake certificate of Authencity (COAs) from China, which were used for packing of manipulated genuine softwares obtained locally and for further sale. The accused has been also alleged to have abusing the “Microsoft Activation Downgrade Programme”, by obtaining WIN XP keys from Microsoft in the name of downgrading of VISTA to XP but instead used these keys on counterfieted software and sell them in the market.

The case has been registered under Indian Penal Code, Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 and Copyright Act 1957.

And ofcourse these kind of action from Microsoft Company are not something new. Microsoft has actively implementing various measures in India since the last 3-4 years to curb piracy, which includes making calls/visits at various software company offices to check upon the genuinity of Microsoft Products. And in some cases conducting raids with the help of Police / Special organizations like  BSA.

Many such cases have come up in various courts in India but mostly they end up in settlement (where ever allowed), as the accused have no way out but to pay up 4-5 times of the cost of softwares as penalty. Though, recently Microsoft was fined for filing of piracy cases without jurisdiction. Details below…

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