Facebook Malware proves costly for Indian Shopkeeper

Sanjay Sharma, a New Delhi based shopkeeper’s act of clicking on a malware on his Facebook Timeline link landed him in deep trouble, as the link spread on the Facebook walls of other friends including the complainant woman. The woman’s family registered a Police Complaint under Information Technology Act as the link contained adult video.

Mr Sharma, however defended his actions as they were not deliberate and opening a malware link only resulted in video being sent to other users.

According to the FIR, the woman received a vulgar video clip on her Facebook account from Sharma in the first week of June. When she disclosed it to her husband, he called up the accused who pleaded innocence, saying the clips were sent due to a technical glitch. But the woman pointed out that the offensive message was not deleted till she reached the police.

The Delhi high court has partially accepted Sharma’s plea and granted him anticipatory bail on the condition that he furnishes the laptop and its password, so that the cyber cell can investigate if an offence is made out.

more @ http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Man-faces-arrest-for-sending-adult-videos-on-Facebook/articleshow/47777102.cms

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