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    The Andheri police said that they had registered 32 cases of credit and debit card frauds this year, a majority of which were results of vishing calls (where fraudsters pose as bank officials and ask for details of your bank or cards, and later use the information to withdraw money). To stop the menace, they have taken up a series of preventive measures.

    For starters, the officers have started putting up 50,000 pamphlets in Andheri (east), informing people about such calls and requesting them not to part with any detail of their credit or debit cards, as no bank ever calls its customers to seek these details on phone. These pamphlets will be found in public places like the railway station, outside banks, eateries, markets, hospitals, gardens, grounds and others.

    Also, the police met 17 representatives from different banks in their jurisdiction last week, and asked them to spread awareness on the issue. Senior police inspector, Pandit Thorat, confirmed the development.

    An officer from Andheri police station said, “We have requested the representatives to come up with new ways of spreading awareness on this menace. Just sending alert messages to customers cannot resolve the issue.”

    more @ http://www.hindustantimes.com/mumbai-news/mumbai-cops-put-up-posters-talk-to-banks-to-curb-credit-card-fraud/story-5heCaYgm9yi34ved6043CI.html

    CyberLaw Times
    CyberLaw Times

    Mumbai man outwits cybercriminal, is duped of ₹20K by another just moments later

    A 28-year-old man recently lost Rs20,000 to fraudsters who posed as executives of a private bank and coaxed him into revealing his credit card details. The man outwitted the first caller by refusing to divulge his personal details, saying a bank would never call for such information. However, he was coerced into giving up his details by a second caller just moments later.

    Sakinaka police said the man is a Vasai resident. On April 19, he approached them, saying fraudsters had called him on April 11 around 2 pm, seeking his bank details.

    “The man told the first fraudster that a bank would never ask for a person’s credit card details. On hearing this, the fraudster hung up. However, soon after, his accomplice called. He gave the man a fake name and posed as the manager of a private bank in Borivli,” said an officer from Sakinaka police station.

    more @ http://www.hindustantimes.com/mumbai-news/mumbai-man-outwits-cybercriminal-is-duped-of-20k-by-another-just-moments-later/story-LvA2ylv1OpjlcI8waRJBtM.html

    Rs 71,000 lost in identity theft by senior citizen

    Though banks have been regularly providing various alerts through Email and SMS as they never ask any sensitive/confidential information over the telephone or through email, etc. But a senior citizen from Mumbai still got misled, when some female misrepresented as a Bank Executive and asked for various details as to Debit Card.

    The 73 year old man gave the details such as debit card number, CVV details and even one-time password (OTP) in the hope that the Debit Card will be converted in to new one with lifetime validity but within few minutes he received a message that Rs 71,000 has been debited from his account. As a result FIR has been registered under Section 66C of Information Technology Act and Section 420 of Indian penal Code.

    more @ http://www.cyberlawtimes.com/rs-71000-lost-identity-theft-senior-citizen/

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