Cyber Law Consultancy

We at also provide consultancy services as to Cyber Law issues, Help to Cyber Crime Victims, Carry out Cyber Crime Investigations, etc. For the purpose we have panel of advocates/consultants specializing in Cyber Law matters and practicing at various levels of courts all over India.

Further, our team of Cyber Law Consultants and Legal Experts can help you to make your websites cyber law compliant, which includes:

1. Building and protecting online reputation through SEO techniques.

2. Domain Name Audits, which includes domain name analysis and protection against registered Trade Marks… also looking for Cyber Squatting Domains.

3. Filing Domain Name Dispute complaints under Domain Name Dispute Resolution Mechanism, under IDRP or UDRP against Cyber Squatters or defending rightful Domain Ownership.

4. Providing for proper Terms and Policies for the website including Privacy Policy and Disclaimer as per the requirements of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under.

5. Helping with original Legal Content for the websites and helping with copyright of website content.

6. Compliance of Website with local Cyber Laws in general.

7. Providing help with online investigations either in cyber crime matters or getting background checks of individuals through electronic means.

8. Guiding on general Security Policies and help in implementation of ISO 27001 compliance for the organization.

9. IT Audit of an organization for software technology deployed, helping remove pirated software and helping to deploy open source technologies and/or otherwise suggesting cost cutting methods in respect of IT products and services including Domain Names, Hosting, Software to SEO services.

10. Getting Trade Name registered as Company Name, LLP or a Trade Mark with appropriate authorities.

11. Taking up matter with Adjudication officer of the state in case of Cyber Crime matters.

12. Educating employees of an organization in terms of cyber crimes and suggesting measures to protect Organizations against untoward cyber crime incidents.

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Cyber Law Consultancy is rendered subject to payment of fees in the name of Archer Softech Pvt Ltd. But you can get your basic cyber law queries answered for FREE. Click here to contact us.

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