First International Conference of South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology

by Debarati Halder*

The first international congress of South Asian Society of Criminology and victimology (SASCV) held during 15-17 January, 2011 at Jaipur, showcased the academic thoughts of professors, practitioners of criminal justice system, professionals of related fields and students of national as well as international origin from various back grounds such as criminology, victimology, law, human rights, digital technology, socio-health sectors etc. The major theme of the Conference was “Crime and Victimization in the Globalized Era”. The major sub themes were: 1. Terrorism and Extremism, 2. Cyber Crimes, Laws and Security, 3. Crimes of Culture and Culture of Crimes, 4. Marginality, Social Exclusion and Victimization, 5. Criminal Victimization in South Asia and Victimization of South Asians in other countries.

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Mahindra Surana, IAS (Rtd.,), the Editorial Advisor of Dainik Bhaskar and Professor Roy King, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, UK was the opening keynote speaker and he spoke on Terrorist Gangs and Prison Torture. The panel of other keynote speakers included:

  • Professor David Wall, Department of Sociology and Criminology, Durham University, who spoke about cyber crime,
  • Professor Mark Groenhujsen, President of World Society of Victimology, who presented UN draft bill on victim’s rights and
  • Dr. Gail Mason, Director of Sydney Institute of Criminology, who deliberated on the Victimization of Indian Students in Australia.

The Panel Speaker for the Panel, Cyber Crimes, Laws and Security was Dr. Alaeldin Maghaireh, University of Wollongong, Australia. He spoke on Arabic hackers and their relationship with terrorists. Alice Hutchings of Griffith University spoke on Hacking and Fraud. Debarati Halder, Jaishankar, Enanalap Periyar and Sivakumar of SASCV team presented a paper on Cyber Victimization in India. Karthikeyan of University of Leeds, UK presented on scams in cyberspace and Ummey Qulsum Nipun of Bangladesh spoke on Sexual Harassment over Cellphone. There were many other paper presentations including papers on technical aspects of Cyber Crimes. Most of the speakers emphasized on a separate law for cyber crimes in India. SASCV will evolve a policy paper on this issue and would send the paper to the Ministry of Communications and Information technology and Ministry of Law for preparation of an exclusive Law on Cyber Crimes.

The Conference concluded with the Valedictory Address by Natti Ronel, Bar illan University, Israel and a keynote presentation by Professor Emilio C. Viano, Department of Justice Law and Society, American University, Washington D.C. More than 300 participants were present at the conference. 120 paper presenters were there including 40 international speakers. The conference was a great success. More details of the Conference can be found at

* Debarati Halder is the Secretary for SASCV. She is an Advocate and Managing Director of Centre for Cyber Victim Counseling (CCVC). She is presently pursuing her Ph.D from NLSIU, Bangalore.

** More about SASCV and life membership to SASCV can be found in their website @

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